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Atem, even Atum or Atoum, according to the mythology of ancient Egypt, was the creator god of Heliopolis.
High efficiency photovoltaic concentrator:

Atem srl produces the concentrator photovoltaic system TwinFocus®. The system uses triple junction solar cells and mirrors to concentrate light and reach efficiencies around 30%, producing more energy than a traditional installation.
The concentrator is an off-axis system formed by the combination of a quasi-parabolic primary mirror and a silica light guiding secondary optic.
Our CPV modules are light and compact, with limited thickness.

The adopted technology for optics production derives from Automotive Lighting:
    • Mature and reliable
    • Cheap
    • Eco friendly
    • Based on recycled/recyclable materials: polycarbonate, aluminium, glass and steel
The system adopts 3J solar cells with great spectral sensitivity, able to withstand high concentration and high operating temperatures.
Passive aluminum heat sinks take care of thermal dissipation, acting also as structural elements.
CPV modules reach optimal performances with high direct normal irradiation (DNI) and solar tracking. The system complies IEC62108 regulation.
More informations available here: AtemEnergia-Concentrated PhotoVoltaic.

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